GOBI II Condensate pump

No float, exterior mount

Maximum flow rate: 42 l/h (11 GPH)

Maximum head: 20 M

Maximum suction: 3 M self priming

Maximum horizontal run at 0 head and 0 suction: 100M 

Sound: 20dBA at 1M / 19 dBA at  1M EN ISO 3744:2010

Wireless access: Remote wireless access with smartphone (optional feature)

Voltage: 100 ~ 240 VAC 50/60 Hz auto sensing universal power input

Power: 12 watts during maximum operation at 110V

Alarm relay: 10 Apms NO/NC contacts with integrated replacable 10A glass fuse 5 × 20 mm

Weight: 600 gr

Dimensions: 53 mm x 53 mm x 286 mm

Discharge star tube: 1/4“ I.D. (6.25 mm) × 3.3 ft. (1 m)

Protection: Class II double insulation, fully potted, IP-44

Working temperatures: ambient 3°C to 40°C / water 5°C to 25°C

Made in Germany



Quiet mode:Installer configurable pump performance using dip-switches to optimize
each individual installation for the best performance and sound parameters.
Widest application range for interior/exterior mount pumps in the market
from 6,000 Btu/H to 120,000 Btu/H (1.75kW to 35kW).
LED: Patented two color long-life LED to ensure correct initial installation and to
assist in diagnostics on future service calls.
Factory installed replaceable 5 × 20mm 10A glass fuse.              
USB ieeja: nodrošina iespēju skatīt sūkņa darbības vēsturi   Unique digital water level sensor with no moving parts to get stuck or
Patented dual slope condensate
tray to prevent noisy dry pump
operation and to trap damaging
foreign debris away from pump
This pump has over 40 speeds
and will always begin softly to
improve electrical efficiency and
to minimize customer noise com plaints



DIMENSIONS 53 mm x 53 mm x 286 mm:

GOBI II can be mounted n the right or on the left side:




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