KAROO condensate pump (submersible)


Submersible condensate pump KAROO

Max capacity: 12 l/h

Discharge head vertical: 20 M

Discharge head horizontal: 100 M

Discharge suction: 1 M

Float: nav

Submersible: Yes, but not intended for continious use under water

Power supply: 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz Auto sensing

Power consumption: 16W max, 0.25W idle

Alarm relay: 5A, 30W VDC, 250W VAC, break on fault

Noise level: >12 dB

Dimensions: 160 x 43 x 34 mm

Discharge tube: 6 mm (1/4“) I.D.

IP 68

Working temperature: ambient air 0°C - +40°C / Water under +25°C

Manufactured in Switzerland


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