ALCO Thermo-Expansion Valve Series T Exchangeable Power Assemblies and Orifices

Modular design for economical logistics and easy assembly and servicing
• Very good stability due to large diaphragm diameter
• Constant superheat across a wide application range
• Superior partial load performance due to double seat orifice design
• Bi-flw capability for applications in heat pumps
• Capillary tube length 1.5 m and 3m 
• Max. allowable pressure PS:
- 46 bar with XB power assembly
- 31 bar with XC power assembly
• Medium Temperature range TS: -45…+75°C
• Flanges: brazing ODF/ODM connection

Orifice Connection standard. Flange Angle type. Solder/ODF Power assembly    

C501-5 mm (10x16)

C501-5 (3/8"x5/8")

C501-7 (1/2" x 5/8")

A576 (5/8" x 7/8" ODF  22x28 mm (ODM)  


XB1019SW-1B (R404A/R507A)

XB1019NW-1B (R407C)

XB1019MW-1B (R134A)

XB1019BW-1B (R449A/R448A)




7/8" x 7/8" ODF

1-1/8" x 1-1/8" ODF




Orifice Connection standard. Flange. Angle type. Solder/ODF Power assembly    

9152 (taisnais)


7/8" x 7/8" ODF

1-1/8" x 1-1/8" ODM


XC726NW-2B (R407C)

XC726SW-2B (R404A/R507A)

XC726MW-2B (R134A)


X9144-B11B 9149

7/8" x 7/8" ODF

1-1/8" x 1-1/8" ODM






Orifice Nominal capacity
R404A R407C R134A
X22440-B4B 12.2 kW 18.7 kW 13.5 kW
X22440-B5B 15.7 kW 24.0 kW 17.3 kW
X22440-B6B 21.5 kW 32.9 kW 23.6 kW
X22440-B7B 29.0 kW 44.4 kW 32.0 kW
X22440-B8B 37.2 kW 51.7 kW 37.2 kW
X11873-B4B 40.0 kW 62.0 kW 45.0 kW
X11873-B5B 51.0 kW 80.0 kW 57.0 kW
X9117-B6B 63.0 kW 99.0 kW 71.0 kW
X9117-B7B 72.0 kW 112.0 kW 81.0 kW
X9117-B8B 99.0 kW  155.0 kW 112.0 kW
X9117-B9B 120.0 kW 188.0 kW 135.0 kW
X9166-B10B 154.0 kW 241.0 kW 174.0 kW
X9144-B11B 174.0 kW 273.0 kW 197.0 kW
X9144-B13B 209.0 kW 327.0 kW 236.0 kW


*Nominal capacity is based on the following conditions:

R407c +4°C dew point +38°C bubble point
+43°C dew point
1 K
R134a,R404a,R410a,R507a +4°C +38°C 1K
Refrigerant Evaporating temperature Condensing temperature Subcooling
Valve selection for other operating conditions see “Correction Tables for Thermo-Expansion Valves Series TI, TX3, TX6, T and L”, selection
tables in EMERSON CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES catalogue or the “Controls Navigator” selection tool which can be downloaded from EMERSON CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES website

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