ZH Copeland Scroll™ Compressor Range

ZH Copeland Scroll™ Compressor Range

Compressors range Copeland™ Scroll:
- optimized for heat pump applications;
- cover capacities from 4kW till 38kW;
- optimized for reversible heating systems, deliver higher capacity and effiiency at low evaporating (heat source) temperatures. ZH compressors are better adapted to heating systems;
- require less additional heating (electrical or gas) to cover the full heating demand on the coldest days and therefore further improve the system seasonal effiiency.

Model Cooling capacity on R407c* Stub suction (inch)  Stub discharge (inch)  Length/Width/Height (mm)  Net weight (kg)  Maximum Operating Current (А) Sound Pressure 1m-d(BA)*** 
3 phases**
ZH21K4E 6.5 kW 3/4" 1/2" 243/242/387 27 5 61
ZH26K4E 8.2 kW 3/4" 1/2" 243/242/419 28 7 64
ZH30K4E 9.5 kW 7/8" 1/2" 247/241/438 38 8 65
ZH38K4E 11.7 Kw 7/8" 1/2" 247/241/438 38 10 66
ZH45K4E 14.0 kW 7/8" 1/2" 250/246/438 40 12 67

 *Conditions: Evaporating -7°C, Condensing 50°C, Superheat 5K, Subcooling 4K

** 3 phases: 380-420 V/ 50 Hz

***1m: sound pressure level at 1m distance from the compressor, free field condition

Mentioned here equipment is equipment, whose functioning relies upon fluorinated gases

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