DORIN Semi-Hermetic condensing units AU (UA) Air-Cooled

Established in 1918, Officine Mario Dorin S.p.a. today has grown into a leading manufacturer of modern and innovative refrigeration equipment and compressors. DORIN refrigeration units are designed to guarantee better performance, more free space and low noise emissions.

DORIN Semi-Hermetic condensing units AU (UA) Air-Cooled


Condensing units AU series are the standard ones, that can be used in all applications.

All condensing units can operate with R449A/448A, R134a, R404A, R507 , R407F/A , R407C, R513A, R450A, R452A within the limits inducated in manufacturer specifications.

Condensing units are fitted with air-cooled condenser with copper tube and new design alluminium fins, high efficiency electric motor-fan equipped with safety grill, liquid receiver with safety valve and anti-vibration damper on discharge piping (when icluded), gas and liquid piping, steel frame.

Noise level

To cope with the always more stringent requirements, DORIN select models of motorfans with high performances and low noise emissions, coupled with very silent compressor design.


All condensing units are equipped with compressors charged with POE with viscosity of 32 cst at 400C suitable for HFC.


New design of condensers coupled with new motorfans ensure very high mass flows and low noise emissions. 


The AU air condensing units are fitted with motor fans with a new, innovative hybrid blade construction; this motor fans are quieter, more efficient and longer lasting. Blades are made of a corrosion resistant aluminium alloy supportive structure, a special fibre-reinforced plastic is then covering the underneath layer (Hy-Blade fans); this innovative combinations of materials brings remarkable reduction in weight. All motorfans are fitted with motor 230V/1/50-60Hz complete with capacitors and they are suitable for the use of electronic frequency regulators. All motorfans are fitted with an internal protection against overtemperature. 

Designation example

AU-H181CS -  Air-cooled condensing units mono-fan

AU2-H351CC - Air-cooled condensing units double-fan 


Model Cooling capacity Tambient=+320C
t=+5°C t=0°C t=-5°C t=-10°C t=-30°C
AU-H181CS - - 5.45 kW 4.68 kW 2.09 kW
AU-H251CS - - - 5.68 kW 2.60 kW
AU-H280CS - - 8.22 kW 6.95 kW 2.99 kW
AU-H300CS - - - 8.17 kW 3.70 kW
AU-H300CC 13.54 kW 11.61 kW 9.84 kW 8.25 kW 3.48 kW
AU2-H351CC 13.62 kW 11.79 kW 10.11 kW 8.57 kW 3.80 kW
AU2-H381CC - 12.67 kW 10.91 kW 9.29 kW 4.22 kW
AU-H390CS - - - 9.59 kW 4.59 kW
AU2-H403CC 16.57 kW 14.28 kW 12.15 kW 10.20 kW 4.24 kW
AU2-H405CS - - 13.82 kW 11.78 kW 5.17 kW
AU2-H503CC 18.63 kW 16.18 kW 13.88 kW 11.75 kW 5.00 kW
AU2-H505CS - 15.49 kW 13.28 kW 5.97 kW
AU2-H705CC 20.56 Kw  17.99 Kw 15.55 kW 13.28 kW 5.85 kW
AU2-H705CS - 17.15 kW 14.78 kW 6.82 kW
AU2-H755CC 28.39 Kw 24.46 Kw 20.82 kW 17.49 kW 7.30 kW
AU2-H751CS - - 21.05 kW 18.08 kW 8.17 kW
AU2-H1002CC 31.61 kW 27.29 kW 23.26 kW 19.59 kW 8.21 kW
AU2-H851CS - - 26.42 kW 22.57 kW 10.09 kW
AU2-H1201CC 39.32 kW 33.87 kW 28.87 kW 24.30 kW 10.41 kW
AU2-H1001CS - - 29.15 kW 25.08 kW 11.57 kW
UA-K1500CC - - 30.69 kW 26.52 kW 12.57 kW
AU2-H1501CS - - 32.28 kW 27.95 kW 13.14 kW
AU2-H1501CC 42.98 kW 37.26 kW 31.94 kW 27.08 kW 11.92 kW


Mentioned here equipment is equipment, whose functioning relies upon fluorinated gases


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