Ball Valves Series BVE

Ball valves BVE/S - Max. working pressure PS: 45 bar
Valves of BVS version are with Schrader valve

Model Solder connection size
BVE/S-014 1/4"
BVE/S-038 3/8"
BVE/S-012  1/2"
BVES/-058 5/8"
BVE/S-034 3/4"
BVE/S-078 7/8"
BVE/S-118 1-1/8"
BVE/S-138 1-3/8"
BVE/S-158 1-5/8"
BVE-218 2-1/8"
BVE-258 2-5/8"
BVE-318 3-1/8"

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