Electric heaters

Drain line electric heaters - are used to avoid drainage water freeze in the drainage trays as well as can be used inside condensate ducts for same purpose.

Compressor crankcase heaters - are installed around compressor crankcase and used for prevention of compressor failure, starting it up after it was off and&or in low ambient air temperatures.

Electrical heaters for evaporators - are installed on the evaporators for faster defrost.



Flexible drain line heaters

FLEX 2000(2M)     FLEX 3500(3.5M)     FLEX 5000(5M)     FLEX 7000(7M)


Flexible crankcase heaters:

FLEX C0860(860mm)     FLEX C1100(1100mm)     FLEX C1250(1250mm)



2EG2020 800MM 100W/220V


EMERSON crankcase heaters FOR emerson(copeland) compressors:

66W 230V DIA232

70W 240V DIA185

102/111W 230V/240V DIA 321

120W 240V DIA 273



Electric Heaters for RIVACOLD evaporators


REVS 60 for RS1060,RS1060CGCT

REVS 130 for RS2130, RS2130CGCT

REVS 180 for RS3180  

REVS 290 for RS3290

REVS 380 for RS4380


  REDP1200-RCM-1 350W/230V Inside 1200 mm            
REDP1200-RCM-L 400W/230V For water tray            
  REDP1650-RCM-1 512W/230V Inside 1650 mm            
REDP1650-RCM-L 550W/230V For water tray            
  REDP2100-RCM-1 670W/230V Inside 2100 mm             
REDP2100-RCM-L 700W/230V For water tray             
  REDP845-RC 230V Inside              
  REDP2550-RCM-1 230V Inside 2550 mm            
REDP2550-RCM-L 800W/230V  For water tray             
  Heater type Installing location Length            


Other length&type RIVACOLD Spare heaters are available on request





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