REF-LOCATOR Electronic leak detector

REFCO electronic leak detector REF-LOCATOR is high-end unit of leak detector, manufactured according to the newest developments and technologies. The sensor has a higher than average life cycle of approximately 10 years, which is a large advantage over conventional leak detectors. With the large LCD display, one is always informed about the ongoing activities. REF-LOCATOR has three levels of sensitivity, additional LED and UV inspection lights idela for working in dark places. Supplied in a rugged case.Sensitivity: 1.4 g/year (0.05 oz/yr) All HFC’s incl. R410A, R404A, R407C & R134a, R32
0.7 g/year (0.025 oz/yr) HCFC R22
0.9 g/year (0.03 oz/yr) HFO R-1234yf


Sensitivity levels: MAX 4gr/year, MED 7gr/year, MIN 14gr/year

Inspection lights: 3 white LED’s and 3 UV – auto shutoff after 5 minutes.

Sensor life: approx.10 years (with timely changed filters)

Working temperatures from -40C till +520C

Mute function: Display shows leak indication visually

Power: x4AA batteries

Probe length 43 cm

Dimensions: 250x75x65 mm

Weight: 590 gr

Made in USA



STARTEK - compact REFCO electronic leak detector. Ergonomical design focused on performance and simplicity of operation. Detects all halogenated refrigerants. Not suitable for flammable refrigerants.  

Dimensions: 150x34x55 mm

Weight: 190 gr

Power: 2xAA batteries

Sensitivity: less than 3 gr/year

Sensor life: approx. 30 hours

Working temperature: no 00C till +500C

Probe length: 30 cm




10620 - REFCO leak detection aerosol. Weight 0.375 gr. Spay on tubes under pressure and bubbles occur in a leakage place.

10622 Trace finder. Trace will make the refrigerant intense red and therefore leaks become immediately visible. The application does not affect the system in any way. 3.5 gr of trace finder needed for 0.45 kg of refrigerant.    

Spare parts for leak detectors. 

LOCATOR-FILTER - spare filters for REF-LOCATOR leak detector

UV-GLO-LEAK-C - fluorescent liquid

ES-02 - spare sensor for STARTEK leak detector









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