Oils for refrigeration equipment



RENISO TRITON SE/SEZ seriesRefrigeration oils based on polyol esters (POE) for chlorine-free, polar and ozone-neutral refrigerants (for example, R134a, R507a, R404a).

RENISO PAG 46 / PAG 100Fully-synthetic refrigeration oils based on ployglycols (PAG) for automotive air-conditioning systems which use R134A refrigerant.

RENISO PAG 1234Universal PAG refrigeration oil developed for vehicle's a/c systems with R1234yf, but also suitable for R134a.

RENISO C-SERIES - Special, synthetic refrigeration oils for use with natural CO2 refrigerants. For transcritical and subcritical CO2 applications. Perfectly miscible with CO2.

RENISO C 130 E (on request)Special synthetic refrigeration oil which was developed for natural CO2 refrigerant. RENISO C 130 E is a perfect products for bus air-conditioning systems which use CO2.

Oil polyester RENISO TRITON SEZ 32 1L 5L 10L
Oil polyester RENISO TRITON SE 55 1L 5L  
Oil polyester RENISO TRITON SEZ 68 1L 5L  
Oil polyester RENISO TRITON SEZ 80 1L 5L 10L
Oil polyester RENISO TRITON SE 170 5L 10L 20L
Oil polyester RENISO C 85 E 10L    
Oil RENISO PAG 100 250 ml    
Oil RENISO PAG 46 250 ml    
Oil RENISO PAG 1234 250 ml    

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