The use of fluorinated greenhouse gases is regulated and current legsislation provides gradual transit to refrigerants, which are more environmentally friendly. First step is transit on refrigerants with less global warming potential.

Refrigerant R449A is new refrigerant with considerably lower global warming potential than most of existing traditional refrigerants and thermodynamic  properties max close to those of R404A refrigerant.

Refrigerant R449A can be used either for retrofit of existing systems as well as for new installations.

Major equipment and components manufacturers approved R449A use in their equipment:








Comparing of some technical parameters:  

Product (ASHRAE) Type Global Warming Potential Critical temperature (0C) Critical pressure (Bar) Class of safety Replacement for
R404A HFC 3922 72 37 A1  
R449A Alternative:HFC with low global warming potential 1397 82 44 A1 R404A/R507A/R407C


Metal cylinders confirm to the standard EN13322-1 - Transportable gas cylinders - Refillable welded steel gas cylinders - Design and construction - Part 1: Carbon steel



  Standard charge* GWP**
Refrigerant R449a    10 kg     1397
Refrigerant R1234yf (OPTEON(TM) YF)   5 kg     4
Refrigerant R452A (OPTEON(TM) XP44)   10.4 kg      2141
Refrigerant R454C (OPTEON(TM) XL20)   5-10 kg      148
Refrigerant R134a 12 kg 25 kg 40 kg 50 kg 1430
Refrigerant R404a 10 kg 34 kg 50 kg   3922
Refrigerant R407c 10 kg 25 kg 50 kg   1774
Refrigerant R410a 10 kg 36 kg 50 kg   2088
Refrigerant R507a 10 kg  - 50 kg   3985
Refrigerant R32   9 kg     675

*Other charges at request

**Global Warming Potential


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