Filter Drier Shells Series ADKS-Plus

Filter Drier Shells Series ADKS-Plus with one Block

Model Connection size Connection type
ADKS-PLUS 487T 7/8" Solder
ADKS-PLUS 489T 1-1/8" Solder
ADKS-PLUS 4811T 1-3/8" Solder
ADKS-PLUS 4813T 1-5/8" Solder
ADKS-PLUS 4817T 2-1/8" Solder


Filter Drier Shells Series ADKS-Plus with two Blocks


ADKS-PLUS 9617 2-1/8" Solder


Cores for ADKS-Plus


Model Water adsorption capacity (net) in grams Acid
24 °C liquid refrigerant 52 °C liquid refrigerant   
R404A/R507 R404A/R507
H48 37.0 28.9 44.6
F48 Filter with mechanical properties


Spare parts:

Gasket set for ADKS- filters




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