Electronic leak detector and other service equipment of TIF/PROMAX/ROBINAIR

Electronic leak detector ATP ZX-1A

Patented Heated Pentode™ Sensor technology, ensuring the greatest sensitivity and fastest response

Sensitivity less than 1 gr per year, detects ALL halogenated refrigerants, including A2L refrigerants. Sensitivity is adjustable.

Power: Ni-MH rechargable battery pack, battery charger included. Battery life 6-8 hours.

Sensor life 100-150 hours

Working temperature -200C - +500C

Sensor cannot be “poisoned” by excessive refrigerant    

Tri-color visual leak size indication   

Probe 40 cm

Mute feature silences audible alarm

Mechanical pump provides instant response and clearing

Hard carrying case included

Spare parts available (ordered separately):

Flter ZX- 15

Spare sensor ZX-2

Rechargable battery pack ZX-20



Electronic scales TIF 9030 E

Extremely durable

Working temperature -100C - +490C

Max weight 110 kg

Dimensions: 304.8 x 431.8 x 57.1 mm

Resolution 10 g

Power: 9V battery (included)

Nylon bag included

Electronic scales PROMAX ADS-100

High resolution 4 g, extreme accuracy

Adjustable resolution, can be adjusted till 20 gr

Working temperature 0C - +490C

Max weight 100 kg

Platform dimensions: 387 x 267 x 635 mm

Display cord length 1.8 M

Power: battery 9V (included)

Hose for R744 (CO2) 3M

Connections 1/4 "SAE (7/16" UNF)

PTFE hose with steel shell

Working pressure 224 bar (-700 till 230 ° C)

Bursting pressure 672 bar




RA41132LP Low pressure gauge for R32 and R410a

RA41132HP High pressure gauge for R32 and R410a Vacuum gauge RA550110    







    Vacuum Free air displacement Voltage Svars
RA15501A-E-A2L Also compatible with A2L refrigerants and Ammonia (R-717) 15 Microns 128 l/min 240V/50Hz 10.20 kg

microns=0,001 mm Hg (0,001 Torr)  

Advance Test Products

Infrared Thermometers 

Infrared Thermometer TIF 7201 Temperature range -33 °C to +220 °C      
Infrared thermometer TIF 7612 Temperature range -60 °C to +500 °C Laser pointer –Simply point at desired target and press the trigger for temperature reading    


525F 450 Flaringf tool

Flares and polishes tubes of 3/16" till 5/8" (4.75 to 16 mm) O.D. 

Made in USA


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