Vacum pumps


SVP series


2SVP-1815 Free air displacement 42 l/min Weight 7.1 kg Power supply 220V/50Hz
2SVP-3025 Free air displacement 72 l/min Weight 8.4 kg Power supply 220V/50Hz
2SVP-5045 Free air displacement 128 l/min  Weight 11.4 kg Power supply 220V/50Hz 
2SVP-8065 Free air displacement 184 l/min Weight 18 kg Power supply 220V/50Hz
2SVP-10080 Free air displacement 226 l/min Weight 21 kg Power supply 220V/50Hz





RA15301-E Free air displacement 75 l/min Weight 9.5 kg Power supply 220-240V / 50Hz
RA15501-E Free air displacement 125 l/min Weight 11.5 kg Power supply 220-240V / 50Hz


Vacuum gauge set RL-VAC

Vacuum gauge 19800-SV, diameter 80 mm, scale 1000-0 mbar


DV-45 (0,5l) - Oil for vacuum pump RL-2, RL-4, RL-8

DV-05 (0.5l) - Oil for vacuum pump RD-4, RD-6, RD-8


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